Virtual training

Push boundaries, set up endless scenarios and test your end user environment with precision through rapid visualisation of information.

At virtualise360, we can support your training needs, saving you time and money by using the latest VR technology, for example:

  • Technical training focused on transferring technical knowledge.
  • Operational training focused on skills and procedures.
  • Safety training focused on possible hazards.
  • Emergency response; how to react to a critical situation.
  • Interpersonal skills training (crew training): communication, collaborative decision-making and teamwork.

Key advantages of virtual training:

  • Trainees become much more familiar with the layout and operation of the subject matter.
  • 3D models of specific equipment can be viewed from any angle and set in motion.
  • Trainees are able to walk around the 3D model, improve spatial awareness of the plant and complex processes.
  • VR allows operators to test every abnormal situation that can be thought of, including little-understood atypical plant behaviours.
  • Transfer of skills as well as knowledge.
  • Health & safety benefits for those working complex, dangerous environments.
  • Hazardous scenarios are identified and tested – improving risk assessment and safety management.

Thanks to our extensive engineering experience, we specialise in creating immersive training packages for employees working in highly-regulated industries such as nuclear and healthcare.

For more information about our virtual training packages, get in touch.